INGETEC has conducted the designs, the technical and administrative supervision and project management of a number of thermal power plants for various government agencies in Colombia, such as Empresas Publicas de Medellín, Isagen and Ecopetrol, as well as for private companies such as Termoyopal S.A., Emgesa S.A., Termocandelaria Power, Ingenio Mayagüez, Ingenios Riopaila and Castilla.

The company, with its multidisciplinary team of specialists and staff, has participated in thermal power projects in activities such as supervision of designs and electromechanical equipment erection, and project management for vapor and gas-powered turbines, heat-retrieving coal and bagasse boilers, generators, substations, power transmission lines, auxiliary mechanical systems (vapor condensers, coolers, water treatment and management, and fuel management), auxiliary electric power and control systems (high, mid and low tension systems for c.a y sistemas de c.c.), instrumentation systems, SCADA control and protection systems, civil works and metallic and concrete structures, roads, hydraulic and geotechnical structures and environmental studies.

INGETEC has participated in the following main projects: La Sierra (Turbogas, simple cycle),Termocentro (combined cycle), TermoMorro (Turbogas), Turbogas for Ecopetrol´s GCB, Termocandelaria(Turbogas dual fuel) Boilers and turbines of the Castilla and Riopaila Sugars Mills(supervision during manufacture), Project Management for the Mayagüez Sugar Mill Power Plant (cogeneration).

Scope of rendered services includes:

  1. Preparation of tender designs for bid and detail designs for construction
  2. Supervision of designs
  3. Project management
  4. Supervision during construction, erection and start-up (QA/QC)

INGETEC ‘s experience covers the designs, technical advisement during construction and supervision of the following types of plants:

  1. Turbogas (gas and fuel oil).
  2. Combined cycle (vapor).
  3. Cogeneration (bagasse boilers, coal and gas).


INGETEC is a leading firm in hydropower development in Latin America, having participated in projects worldwide, including such countries as Canada, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Honduras, Argentina, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, New Caledonia and Turkey.

In the area of hydropower, INGETEC has the expertise to render a wide range of consultancy services in compliance to stringent requirements set by hydropowerprojects in their different stages of development, including evaluation and conceptual analysis (prefeasibility studies), feasibility studies, tender designs for bid and detail designs for construction, studies and/or environmental and social diagnoses, supervision and ambientales y sociales, supervisión y/o asesoría durante la construcción de advisory during construction and finally, supervision during start-up and commissioning.

INGETEC´s know-how and experience has allowed the company to encompass all aspects required for the design of a hydropower project. Consultancy services include:

  1. Geotechnical field studies and laboratory, and pavement management
  2. Geotechnical exploration and geological mapping
  3. Characterization of soils
  4. Slope stability analyses
  5. Soil and rock mechanics
  6. Earthquake engineering
  7. Testing of materials
  8. Concrete design
  9. Numerical modelling
  10. Structural design
  11. Shaft design
  12. Hydarulic studies and designs
  13. Hydrology
  14. Environmental studies
  15. Electromechanical equipment design
  16. Control systems
  17. Instrumentation and monitoring
  18. Risk evaluation
  19. Value engineering

Hydropower projects in which INGETEC has participated include powerhouses, both above as well as underground, small as well as large power plants, with installed capacities varying between 1 MW and 1800 MW.

Experience and know-how are essential in dam engineering as part of the development of hydropower projects. In this field INGETEC has ample experience in the design, technical advisory and engineering supervision during construction of all different types of dams, including:

  1. Concrete face rockfill dams
  2. Center core rockfill dams
  3. Roller compacted concrete dams
  4. Embankment dams
  5. Concrete gravity dams

INGETEC has the know-how and experience in selecting the most convenient type of dam for each project in accordance with particular geological and geotechnical conditions.

Likewise, underground engineering conducted by INGETEC as part of hydropower projects implies solving technical problems under different geological and geotechnical conditions, such as:

  1. Large-diameter tunnels excavated in soft rocks, under high overburden and subjected to severe squeezing, and application of modern design, stabilization and excavation techniques.
  2. Tunnels excavated under flowing ground conditions
  3. Analysis, design and technical advisory during construction of large and deep underground works for the installation of electromechanical equipment.
  4. Design of concrete linings and special tunnel treatment for headrace tunnels operating under high heads and high external pressure.