MARKET Oil & Gas


INGETEC has rendered consultancy services for the oil industry for the state oil company ECOPETROL, as well as private companies that operate in Colombia, such as: British Petroleum, Occidental Petroleum, Texas Oil Co., Shell, Houston Oil Co. and EXXON.

A multidisciplinary team of company specialists has participated in oil industry projects such as pipeline connections, erection and repair works for storage tanks,oil pipeline construction and underwater works, amongst others, for which INGETEC has rendered engineering services, including supervision, studies and designs, project management,environmental studies, shop inspections and start-up and commissioning.

Oil & Gas

The company has provided engineering services for a number of oil and gas projects amongst which the following are highlighted: Pozos Colorados (Magdalena,Colombia), Pacific White Products Pipeline - Sector 2 (Buenaventura, Colombia),Cartagena Oil Refinery (Viscobreaking plant in Cartagena, Colombia) and enlargement of the Colombia Pipeline (Coveñas, Colombia).

Scope of services includes:

  1. Marine structures, platforms and mooring buoys
  2. Environmental studies and diagnoses
  3. Oil refineries and petrochemical plants
  4. Storage tanks
  5. Collection and pumping stations
  6. White products pipelines
  7. Process vases
  8. Regular lines
  9. River underpasses
  10. Oil well monitoring and control systems
  11. Auxiliary services for testing and production
  12. Telecommunications.
  13. Geotechnical, geomorphological and hydrographic studies
  14. Cathode protection and resistivity studies
  15. Pumping stations automatic control
  16. Loading and unloading docks
  17. Geotechnical and risk engineering for platform location