INGETEC has conducted the technical and administrative supervision as well as the designs for a number of industrial projects for private companies, such as Argos Cement, Peldar Glassware, Central Castilla and Riopaila Sugar Mill, amongst others. In addition, the company has providedgeneral consultancy services in other areas of engineering forcompanies in the industrial field, such as: Cerromatoso, Ingeniesa, NationalCoffee Federation, Icollantas, Caja de Colombia, Paper Paste Factoryand Colmotores General Motors.


The firm, with its multidisciplinary team of specialists and general staff, has participated in industrial projects’ activities such as supervision of designs and equipment erection, and project management for the following clients: Argos Cement (Columbus Cement Plant in Cartagena, Colombia), Peldar Glassware Factory (Cundinamarca, Cundinamarca – Colombia), Central Castilla y Riopaila (Ingenios azucareros Peldar Glassware Factory (Cundinamarca, Colombia) Diamante Cement Factory ( Caracolito, Tolima, Colombia) and Papelcol Paper Mill ( Cauca, Colombia).

Scope of rendered services includes:

  1. Project management
  2. Supervision during construction, erection and start-up (QA/QC).
  3. Tender designs for bid and detail designs for construction
  4. Supervision of designs