MARKETPotable Water and Wastewater Systems


INGETEC has actively participated in the development of water and wastewater projects, including studies and designs of new, as well as the refurbishing and upgrading of existing facilities.

The company gives credit to its experience based on studies and works conducted in the areas of potable water and sewer systems for populations that range from project lodging camps and industrial facilities, to large cities, such as Bogota, Colombia, with a population over seven million. Studies and works performed include potable water and sewer master plans projects in their different stages: reconnaissance, prefeasibility, feasibility, tender designs for bid, detail designs for construction, as well as supervision during construction, refurbishing of existing facilities and infrastructure, and project management.

INGETEC, with its interdisciplinary team of specialists and staff has conducted cartographic, hydrologic, topographic, geological, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical and electronic communications, structural, environmental, economic financial, and institutional studies involving all aspects and components of fresh water, water treatment and sewerage works.

Scope of services includes:

  1. Water demand studies
  2. Sources of water supply
  3. Master plans
  4. Reservoirs
  5. Intakes and low level outlets
  6. Sand and gravel excluders
  7. Open channel, pipe and tunnel conveyance systems
  8. Potable water treatment plants
  9. Pumping stations
  10. Potable water distribution networks
  11. Wastewater treatment plants
  12. Economic and environmental evaluations
  13. Sewerage systems