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    We offer consultancy, advisory and supervision services through every design, implementation and operation stage for engineering projects.

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    Present through 70 years in outstanding infrastructure projects in Latin America and other regions.

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    Developing projects regarding hidroelectrical potential, oil & gas, road infrastructure, electrical infraestructure, industrial infrastructure, among others.

Identification, planning and evaluation of projects in conceptual stage

The objective is to select those project alternatives that produce larger benefits to the community, lower negative environmental impact and higher social economic profitability while satisfying client needs.

Design during different multidiscipline project phases

Consulting services in the prefeasibility, and feasibility stages, construction document preparation and detailed design.

Environmental studies and evaluations for licensing

Wide experience in preparation of environmental evaluations of project alternatives and environmental impact studies for infrastructure projects at different project development stages, from pre-feasibility to detailed design phase, construction and operation. Identification and evaluation of the biotic, physical and social baseline of the project´s influence area, environmental risk analysis, identification and evaluation of environmental impacts, management, mitigation and compensation plans, formulating monitoring and follow-up strategies, planning and execution of community consultation and information strategies, population census, economical activity evaluations, among others. Preparation of studies and documents necessary for environmental licensing, as well as consulting services during environmental licensing processes at a local, regional and national level.

Preparation of bid documents and owner´s services in the bid process

Engineering services for the preparation of bid documents, technical specifications and drawings, and reference information; pre-contractual documents for owner´s pre-purchase of electromechanical equipment, materials, ancillary mechanical systems and control systems, among others. Assistance during the bid evaluation process of projects for construction of infrastructure and development projects and for the design, supply, manufacture, transportation and assembly of electromechanical equipment.

Monitoring and rehabilitation of structures

Consulting services for regional and rural development and ordainment plans, river basin protection and management plans, community participation, relations and communication plans during design, construction and operation phases of capital investment and infrastructure projects. Implementation of statistical models specific to hydrobiological studies, air quality and water quality in lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Sampling and analysis of air and noise, water quality, vegetation, fauna and soils. Environmental consulting services including supervision, control, follow-up and auditing during the implementation phase of environmental management plans.

Technical, administrative, and financial supervision

Technical, administrative, and financial monitoring and supervision of contractual obligations between the owner and a third party/contractor; for the construction, supply, manufacture and assembly of equipment.Supervision, monitoring and auditing of health, safety and environment management plan execution.

Manufacturing inspection, testing, start-up and commissioning

Review and approval of manufacturing drawings, manufacturer detailed designs, materials lists, verification of certifications and contractor qualifications manufacturing programs and inspection, testing procedures, partial and total assembly inspections and installations. Review of start-up and testing plans. Inspection of civil works and equipment manufacture and fabrication to ensure proper installation, start-up and commissioning.

Project management

Management and owners representation services for engineering projects during design and construction phases. Project planning, scheduling, and budget control and monitoring, inspections, contract administration and contractor management, among others are services the Company provides to ensure projects are completed within established timeframes and budgets. INGETEC´s experience provides understanding of potential problems that can arise during the execution of complex and challenging capital investment projects, allowing implementation of corrective measures early on minimizing risks associated with time and budget overruns.

Economic and financial studies

Preparation of budgets for civil works, electromechanical equipment, engineering and administration costs, and project costs; investment cash flows based on project execution schedules and determination of the return of investment of the project for economical and financial analysis that assist in the selection of project alternatives and to determine project financial feasibility.

Risk evaluation and risk management

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation and risk assessment. Systematic and integrated risk management that enables early detection of potential problems and allow for implementation of management and mitigation plans to diminish the possibility of negative impact on projects during design, construction and operation.

Contractual administration

Assistance in the technical, administrative and financial aspects of contracts in projects presenting controversies between the client/owner of the project and a third party/contractor and which require resorting to superior instances, such as Conciliation and Arbitration Courts.

Services during construction

Support to the client during the construction phase of projects. Adjustment and modification of design and construction plans and specifications needed for adjustments needed to accommodate site and construction conditions, equipment manufacture and installation, among others.

Environmental services, sampling and auditing

Support to the client during the construction phase of projects. Adjustment and modification of design and construction plans and specifications needed for adjustments needed to accommodate site and construction conditions, equipment manufacture and installation, among others.

Geotechnical field studies and laboratory, and pavement management

The company has specialized equipment to perform geotechnical investigations including a drilling equipment and provides comprehensive geotechnical laboratory and field testing services of soil, rock, asphalt, concrete and other materials. INGETEC determines the physical and mechanical properties of materials for site characterization, geotechnical design, quality control and performance assessment purposes. In addition, INGETEC owns hydraulic fracturing and overcoring equipment to characterize rock masses. INGETEC also has the equipment require to performance pavement condition survey and rating procedure applicable for pavement management, including a falling weight deflectometer to perform tests on road and airport pavements, an electronic roughness meter and an automatic video system for pavement conditioning survey. GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATIONS