INGETEC has provided general consultancy services for the mining industry, including open pit and underground mines, as well as y for all types of quarries. INGETEC’s experience in mining includes projects in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, New Caledonia and Chile.

The company’s multidisciplinary team has rendered a wide variety of services to projects in the mining area, such as : Cerrejón Coal Mine in Colombia, Yanacocha Gold Mine in Peru and Antamina Copper and Molibdenum Mine in Peru.


Scope of rendered services includes:

  1. Geological mapping
  2. Supervision in coal exploitation
  3. Study of quarries for aggregate production for roads and concrete, and for the production of concrete and glass.
  4. Geology and geotechnical engineering for underground mines.
  5. Design and exploitation and stability analysis of slopes in coal open pit mines.
  6. Study and management of ground water
  7. Design of batteries for water wells
  8. Infrastructure design
  9. Environmental studies and diagnoses
  10. Project management and engineering supervision
  11. Field investigations and testing