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The enlargement project for Bucaramanga´s aqueduct makes use of the Manco, Oro and Hato Rivers, that pertain to the Magdalena River basin, and the Piedras Blancas, Antalá and Guayabales creeks, pertaining to the Arauca River basin all of which are located in the Berlin highlands. The entire development is located east of the City of Bucaramanga, Colombia. The project includes construction of a resevoir in the highlands and the conveyance system of the rivers and creeks to down to the Mensulí treatment plant.

Main characteristics:

Water supply works: Includes the 31 Mm³ Piedras Blancas reservoir that is impounded by means of a 70.5-m high, 2.5 Mm³ rock fill dam; diversion and conveyance of the Guayabales River towards the reservoir and the reservoir-Manco River and Manco River-Oro River conveyance systems. The total length of the conveyance system is 20 km, of which 7.9 km are open channels, 9.6 km are tunnels with lengths varying between 1.7 km and 5.1 km and the remaining portion, are pipes. These conveyances yield a total 5.7 m³/sg.

Power generation works. These are a by-product of the water supply works as a result of the use made of the topographic conditions of the proyect area. Therefore, and to make use of a potential 467 m head, a surface powerhouse will be built with a capacity of 20 MW.

Services rendered:

INGETEC, in a joint venture with ETA, undertook the feasibility studies and the tender designs for bidding purposes as well as the detail designs for the water suplí and power generation works.


Compañia de Acueducto Metropolitano de Bucaramanga (Bucaramanga Metropolitan Aqueduct Company).


Bucaramanga, Santander (Colombia).

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